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Episode 001

Steve Pinkerton

Owner and Founder of Vitality Fitness

by | Jan 26, 2020

Show Notes:

Steve Pinkerton, owner and founder of Vitality Fitness in Concord, North Carolina describes the journey of his elite CrossFit enterprise from humble beginnings in the home garage to building a 50,000 square-foot complex for his gym and its members. Steve takes us from his experiences as a multi-sport athlete in college to his introduction to CrossFit during his career as an Artillery Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. 

We discuss:

  • the transition from a military career to small business ownership
  • starting small and growing the business organically
  • on-boarding new members and developing a CrossFit community
  • the trials and tribulations of building Vitality’s own facility
  • creating new brands and additional revenue streams
  • personal habits that have lead him to success
  • advice for new gym owners
  • and much more…

A 10-year small business journey, packed into a 90-minute interview. Enjoy!