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Episode 009

Ivy Robinson

A Conversation With An Extraordinary Wedding Planner

by | Oct 14, 2020

Show Notes:

In this episode, I sit down with Ivy Robinson to talk about her amazing career in the wedding and event planning industry. Ivy has planned weddings for some of the highest profile couples and celebrities in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Ivy shares the story of how she began this career, and gives us a real inside look at the realities of life as a wedding planner. Ivy also shares so much of the passion she has for her work, and talks about how important that is to be successful in the industry. Curious what it’s like to be a rock star wedding planner? Well, you’ll love this episode – enjoy!

From the Ivy Robinson Events website:

Energetic, Charismatic, Endlessly Creative and Original… that is how you will describe every Ivy Robinson Event!

Ivy has built a nationally respected reputation based her network of talented professionals, cutting-edge style and convention-crushing design skill set. Ivy’s work has been featured in national and regional publications including The Knot National & BRIDES magazine along with Martha Stewart Weddings, Carolina Bride and Charlotte Weddings. Ivy has also appeared on Style Network, CW Network and local CBS, NBC & FOX affiliates.

 ‘A new passion is born with each of my clients. Their fashion sense, their culinary choices, their worldliness, what simply makes them laugh – all of these things combined assist me in making decisions about their event and in turn will ensure a truly personal expression of who they really are.’  “ ~Ivy Robinson

Learn more about Ivy Robinson Events: (Ivy’s dog :))

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