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Episode 039

Sweet Spot Studio Charlotte

Meet Chef Jossie Lukacik

by | Oct 28, 2021

Show Notes:

Jossie Lukacik is the founder of Sweet Spot Studio in Charlotte, one of the craftiest and most creative concepts we’ve had the pleasure of featuring on the podcast. Jossie was introduced to me by a real friend of this podcast, who will be named in the episode, and I’m so glad she was. 

As per usual, we spend much of our time in this episode sharing the story of Jossie’s entrepreneurial journey. But, what I love the most about this story isn’t about what Jossie does, but why she does it. Sometimes, we accidentally bump into our true calling in our careers, and Jossie shares exactly how this happened to her, and the why behind Sweet Spot Studio.

Friends, I just know you’re going to love getting to know Jossie and her company, Sweet Spot Studio. Lean in, and enjoy…

Sweet Spot Studio

Shoutouts to these local businesses:

Bake Mohr Sweets

Dana Gray Studio

Callie Langhorne PR

Books recommended:

The Purpose is Profit
By Ed “Skip” McLaughlin

The Flavor Bible
By Karen Page

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