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Episode 042

Charlotte Star Room

Meet Founders Alexis Jo Bruce and Levin Chaskey

by | Jan 25, 2022

Show Notes:

We have a great conversation lined up for you in this episode. Charlotte Star Room is a music development studio that offers programs for singers, songwriters, and producers who are interested in exploring their talents and maximizing their exposure. 

Charlotte Star Room is also a full-service video production company. The team provides professional video production services for all types of commercial needs, from small businesses to large corporate projects. Their specialty? Digital storytelling – all the way from concept to completion.

Joining me for this episode are the founders of Charlotte Star Room, Alexis Bruce and Levin Chaskey. Alexis and Levin share the story of their entrepreneurial journey that has taken them from places like New York City and Los Angeles to the Queen City of Charlotte – their base of operations today. We talk about the work they’re doing at Charlotte Star Room, Charlotte’s amazing community of artists and creative minds, and the team even shares a few valuable insights into branding and marketing.

It’s a star-struck episode 42 of The Best of Charlotte podcast. Enjoy getting to know Alexis Bruce and Levin Chaskey, founders of Charlotte Star Room.

Charlotte Star Room
5110 Park Road
Suite 2J
Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 324-9048

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