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Episode 044

Hot Sakē

Meet the Team Behind the Highly Successful Audio Branding Studio

by | Jun 24, 2022

Show Notes:

In this episode, I’m featuring a team that could arguably be the greatest collection of talent I’ve had on the podcast in a single episode. Hot Sakē was introduced to me by a previous guest on the podcast, Jamie Boiter – CEO of Boltgroup – a highly successful design innovation firm based right here in Charlotte.

Founded in 2004 by composer/sound designer Jason Hausman, Hot Sakē is an award-winning audio branding studio that focuses on the production of inspiring commercial and film music, and sophisticated sound design. 

Jason, along with team members Emily Sage and Chris Williams, joins me to share the story of their entrepreneurial and creative journey. We not only discuss their journey in music and sound design, but also the windy path of an entrepreneur, a few life lessons, and how much grander life can be when you’re able to work with friends.

The team gives lots of shoutouts to a few of the Charlotte-area creatives that are producing some really inspiring work. We talk for an hour, but I feel like we really only scratch the surface of the Hot Sakē story in this episode. Listeners, I’m glad to have you with us. You’re in for a real treat – enjoy getting to know Jason Hausman, Emily Sage, and Chris Williams – the wildly talented team at Hot Sakē.

Hot Sakē


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