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Episode 046

The Batchmaker

Meet Cris Rojas-Agurcia

by | Feb 2, 2023

Show Notes:

I’m really honored to be joined by Cristina Rojas-Agurcia in this episode. Cristina is known as The Batchmaker and she’s the owner of one of the most adored small businesses in the Queen City. 

I met with Cristina at the Batch House, the home of her bakery on the West Side of Charlotte in Station West. We talked about her journey in baking and the story behind building her first brick-and-mortar bakery. Cristina shares the euphoric ups and the gutwrenching lows of her entrepreneurial journey, and her “why” for doing what she does.

The Batchmaker | 901 Berryhill Rd, Charlotte, NC 28208

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by Bonnie Garmus

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