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Episode 047

Brittney Bogues

Founder and CIO at Bogues Group

by | Feb 16, 2023

Show Notes:

I’m honored to be joined in this episode by Brittney Bogues, the founder of Bogues Group, a Charlotte-based consulting agency specializing in PR and strategic communications, marketing, branding, and event planning for businesses and companies of all sizes, as well as nonprofits.

Brittney shares with us the story of her entrepreneurial journey, and how some early challenges in her career gave her the experience needed to build a highly successful agency.

We talk a bit about content marketing – a subject that I adore – and the importance of wrapping a business’s strategy around serving an ideal client or customer persona.

Brittney makes some great reading recommendations, including a book by one of my all-time favorite authors. Stay with us to hear more about that. And she also gives a shoutout to a couple of local small businesses.

We cover a lot of ground in just 30 minutes. So, lean with me my friends and enjoy getting to know one of Charlotte’s brightest entrepreneurs – the founder of Bogues Group, Brittney Bogues.

Bogues Group

Local business shoutouts:

Sunflower Baking Company

Binaco Real Estate

Reading recommendation:

The Four Agreements 
by Don Miguel Ruiz

Books by Terry McMillan

The Tipping Point 
by Malcolm Gladwell
More on Malcolm Gladwell HERE

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