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Episode 073

Charlotte Painting Professionals

Meet Ryan Parr

by | Jul 11, 2024

Charlotte Painting Professionals

Show Notes:

Ryan Parr is the founder and CEO of Charlotte Painting Professionals. Ryan, a Charlotte native, began his entrepreneurial journey in Nashville, Tennessee. There he founded Nashville Painting Professionals, a local service company that took off like a rocketship.

The success of Charlotte & Nashville Painting Professionals is no doubt due to Ryan’s hard work, determination, and wherewithal to lean on talented mentors.

In this conversation, Ryan shares the story of his entrepreneurial journey. He’s candid about the ups and downs, as well as the lessons he’s learned along the way. 

In this regard, I think Ryan has a lot in common with many of the highly successful entrepreneurs we’ve had the pleasure of hearing from here on the podcast. 

What really blows my mind is that Ryan is still only in his 20’s. The future indeed looks bright for Ryan and the team at Charlotte Painting Professionals.

Listeners, you’re going to love this inspiring episode. Enjoy!

Charlotte Painting Professionals

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